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Andrew Biggs is a Christchurch, New Zealand based hand engraver with many years experience. He accepts bespoke commissions locally and from all over the world. With international couriers, post and PayPal it has become easier than ever to be connected.


Monograms, cyphers, scrolls, heraldry, scenes and much more, hand engraved onto your favourite watch, jewellery, signet ring, seal ring, firearm, knife or personal item. Ideal for family heirlooms, gifts or just to treat yourself to a one of a kind hand engraved item.


For a professional and personalised service with unique and exclusive designs created and hand engraved  for you on all type of metal including stainless steel, gold and silver.


Every commision undertaken, no matter how big or small, is treated with careful attention to detail and artistic integrity.

Local And International Enquiries Welcome

Hand Engraving
Watches ~ Jewellery ~ Knives ~ Firearms ~ Miscellaneous

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